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About us

Harkon-Woodworks is a family craft enterprise working in reclaimed wood furniture, photography and textiles.

Dad, (Mike), creates a range of cabinets and other furniture from pallets and other reclaimed wood. His style is simple but effective with no two pieces the same…mainly because he makes it up as he goes along!!

Mum, (Debbie), works in mixed-media textiles, producing a variety of pieces, including needle-felt, collages, knitting, printing and card making.

Daughter, (Rosie), combines wood and photography to fashion both personalised and scenic wooden photo blocks.


We each love our own separate garden workshops and wish to combine our resources and creative ideas in one place that would allow us to work together and better publicise and promote our crafts.

At present we attend the weekly craft and Farmers Markets art the Guildhall in St.Ives a well as regular monthly events in St.Agnes and Redruth. The opportunity to establish a permanent presence at the St.Ives Craft Market would enable us to better focus our craft skills and share in the artistic heritage of this town.

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